AC Duct Cleaning in Tyler, TX

Air Duct Cleaning–Done Right by Doran

In East Texas, we run our HVAC system for most of the year. During that time, your AC vents and air ducts constantly collect dirt, allergens, and other microbes that lower indoor air quality. 

Your heating & cooling system’s air filter catches quite a bit of this, but some dust and dander will always get past the filter–even if you change it regularly. 

Over time, those microbes will build up in your ventilation system. Every time you use your AC, you’re also contaminating your home.

AC duct cleaning can eliminate the buildup in your ventilation system, dramatically reducing the number of allergens and microbes in your home. 

If you haven’t had your vents cleaned recently, let Doran Mechanical perform air duct cleaning services for your home.

Blue Carpet Air Duct Cleaning in Tyler, TX

The technicians at Doran Mechanical are dedicated to providing blue carpet services for each and every one of our clients.

To us, blue carpet service means going above and beyond our client’s expectations. It began as a reference to the carpets our techs use to keep our client’s homes clean.

Since then, it’s expanded to encompass all the ways we go above and beyond for our clients.

When you contact Doran to clean out your ventilation system, you can expect quality work–but you can also expect a team dedicated to ensuring you’re happy with that work.

The Doran Difference

24/7 Emergency Service

Doran Technicians are available 24/7 for emergency repair services should you or your family be in danger. Our team understands that the Texas heat can be brutal, and we strive to get you the repairs you need as quickly as possible.

Courteous & Trained Techs

Every Doran Mechanical technician is NATE-certified and thoroughly trained in-house. This ensures that they can provide the quality of service we demand, but it also helps them learn how to give clients the blue carpet treatment. 

Flate-Rate Pricing

When you work with Doran Mechanical, you won’t encounter mystery fees or unexpected cost increases. We offer a flat rate for our services, and you’ll be able to see it when we provide you with a quote for services.

Common Signs You Need Air Duct Cleaning Services

Your Indoor Air Quality is Poor

Dirty vents can transmit pollen, pet dander, and dust–all of which can worsen your indoor air quality. Your home may be responsible if you have allergies or are getting sick. 

Dirt is Clogging Your Vents

If you notice dirt and dander clogging your vents, you should have them professionally cleaned. If you can see the build-up, you may also benefit from a vent inspection.

You See Signs of Vermin

Your vents can attract vermin, like rats, and pests, like roaches and mosquitoes. The ventilation system is one of the most common ways to access your home.

Your Home Won’t Heat or Cool

Less than half an inch of build-up can affect your HVAC system’s efficiency and ability to cool your home. Duct cleaning will help restore your system’s effectiveness. 

If You Want it Done Right, Call Doran

We have over a decade of experience helping Tyler, TX families and businesses. If your indoor air quality is suffering, contact us today to see how we can help.